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STOP error 0xF4 upon shutdown in Windows 7

0xF4 is a critical error message that appears when Windows is forced to terminate abnormally due to a kernel problem to prevent further damage to your computer. That is why STOP: 0x000000F4 should be fixed as soon as possible.

If you are not a PC expert use the following first-aid solutions:
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Have you ever read of global error STOP error 0xF4 upon shutdown in Windows 7? Your Windows OS based laptop must end up totally disabled if you ignore liquidating a failure. That points that the more you think the stronger the possibility the operating system will need total reinstallation or worse - you'll lose some significant information.

"STOP error 0xF4 upon shutdown in Windows 7": Casestudy

Topic Starter: Antonio
Started On: 8.12.13
Problem: STOP 0x000000F4 error/BSOD on homebuilt - Homebuilt - Systems ...
Laptops having the same problem:
  • HP Pavilion DV2-1000 Series DV2-1005AX
  • Lenovo Ideapad G560 0679
  • Toshiba Satellite 1000
Case Summary:
Working on a computer that gets a blue screen error stop:0x000000F4. ... I searched Microsoft and Google and causes ranged from hardware failures, ... OS : Windows XP Professional SP2; Fedora 7 .... He then had me re-install one at a time all of the memory cards rebooting and shutting down after each ... Expand...>>
Topic Starter: Hector
Started On: 3.7.12
Problem: bsod - Windows 7 64bit STOP Error Code 0x000000F4 - Super User
Laptops having the same problem:
  • Acer Aspire 3660 Series 3660-2314
  • Apple PowerBook G4 Series Aluminum A1104
  • Sony Vaio VGN-AR Series VGN-AR320N
Case Summary:
Stop code: 0x000000f4 (00000000`00000003) (fffffa80`047b9220) ... I would guess Vista or 7 with that much memory on the system. ..... A problem has been detected and Windows has been shut down to prevent damage Expand...>>
Topic Starter: Clyde
Started On: 6.7.12
Laptops having the same problem:
  • HP ProBook 6540B
  • HP G60-400 Series G60-430CA
Case Summary:
Jan 14, 2013 ... You receive various Stop error messages in Windows 7 or in Windows ... Check and reseat all cards, memory and cables (on both ends when ... or stop code, the computer has shut down abruptly to protect itself from data loss. Expand...>>
Stop error code STOP 0x000000F4 - What Techies Advise
  • In case the sick system will not start up load Last Known Good Configuration back-off, otherwise, make use of System Restore backtracking to repeal any Windows changes
  • if you wish to clear away terminal code of 0xF4 variety yourself use this link to find more more instances
  • you'll possibly need to resort to your OS repair disk to uninstal the glitchy program, repairing that sort of annoyance in this way.
  • examine your memory modules for being set up as necessary.
  • the system may be contaminated with harmful applications, say, harmful bots, worms, spyware, adware, - clear out it!
  • load in Safe Mode, then delete just added strange or faulty or uncertified drivers.

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