How to Repair Windows XP Registry?

How to Repair Windows XP Registry? This question is unavoidable if you’ve been using Windows XP for several months, installed and removed programs and drivers, changed setting, copied files.

The registry is the cental database of your system that stores all the information about Windows XP in the following file:

If the Registry becomes corrupt with invalid entries, wrong or conflicting references, Windows XP may start to run slow, freeze, display errors like (like 0x000000F4) and crash. If the registry file is damaged the whole system may be disabled and won’t start at all. That is why proper maintenance of the registry is critically important to keep your system healthy. Now back to the question How to Repair Windows XP Registry? If you try to open and edit the registry file in Windows explorer, the system won’t let you do so in order to protect the registry because the risk to damage it while editing manually is very high. If you damage the registry, very often the only way to to bring your system back to life is reinstalling it.

Manual editing of the Registry is possible with the help of Registry Editor. To open Registry Editor, click start and type REGEDIT in the Run box. Registry Editor looks much like Windows Explorer. But don’t experiment with the folders (keys)! If you delete a folder in Windows Explorer you can easily recover the files. If you delete the key in Registry Editor that can be a system disaster. However, in order to repair the registry manually you need to know which specific entries need to be removed or which values need to be changed and what the resulting values should be. Otherwise, you may cause irreversible damage to the registry. If you want to repair just Windows XP registry, we recommend to use RegCure, a multiple award-winning program acknowledged by the experts as the world’s best registry repair program. This program is very easy to use. It will repair, clean and optimize your registry and speed up your computer in a few simple clicks.

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Proper registry maintenance fixes and prevents many system errors and BSODs and makes your work more convenient and productive.

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