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error 0x000000F4 after Windows 8 startup

0x000000F4 is a critical error message that appears when Windows is forced to terminate abnormally due to a kernel problem to prevent further damage to your computer. That is why STOP: 0x000000F4 should be fixed as soon as possible.

If you are not a PC expert use the following first-aid solutions:
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Error 0x000000F4 after Windows 8 startup crash on a BSOD is most probably a global operating system impairment symptom. Your machine must make a try to banish the stumbling block, although, if it turns out not able to your laptop gets down. To be concise, that kind of crash requires to be eradicated, the sooner the better.

"error 0x000000F4 after Windows 8 startup": Casestudy

Topic Starter: Tommy
Started On: 3.19.10
Problem: Windows 7 won't boot Stop 0x000000F4 - Experts Exchange
Laptops having the same problem:
  • Acer Aspire 1800 Series 1800WSMi
  • HP Pavilion DV-2800 Series DV-2806TU
Case Summary:
... a few minutes after every boot/startup. ... BSOD error 0x000000F4, a few minutes after every boot/startup ... error 0x000000f4 . startup takes half an hour: Expand...>>
Topic Starter: Irving
Started On: 3.11.14
Problem: Windows 7 won't boot Stop 0x000000F4 - Experts Exchange
Laptops having the same problem:
  • Toshiba Satellite A100-TA2
  • Lenovo 3000 C-Series 8922-27J
  • Sony Vaio VGN-CR Series VGN-CR160A
Case Summary:
After updating to Windows RT 8.1, ... Error 0xC000000D at startup after updating to Windows RT 8.1 ... Surface RT startup error 0xc000000d. Expand...>>
You Shouldn't Allow 0xF4 kind of error to Excruciate You:
  • Malware contaminants liquidation should be the most forehanded step to take in the event you are struck by stop error code 0x000000F4, particularly after browsing unknown downloads.
  • on conditions that you are not able to open release of Microsoft OS, say, Win Vista use Last Known Good Configuration in the process of loading, on conditions that you can start up the operating system, launch System Restore rollback
  • you will be urged to employ your operating system boot disc to detect and clear out malicious applications such as keyloggers or rootkits and make an attempt to clear out it, in this way weeding out such a trouble.
  • log on your system in Safe Mode when regular start fails to have the opportunity to delete any of faulty drivers.
  • make sure that the memory modules are duly installed.

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